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Which MYOB for me?

MYOB is a software program created for the purpose of business management. It is various features allow for the management of company accounts, purchases and sales, the monitoring of debtors, creditors and inventory, payroll and the fulfillment of BAS and GST obligations.

But which software package will work best for you?

MYOB BusinessBasics & FirstEdge

Very basic accounting systems, both BusinessBasics (PC) and FirstEdge (Mac) are ideally suited for small service businesses with no employees. These software packages have limited features, but are very simple and easy to use. If all you need to do is invoice your customers, enter your bills and reconcile the bank then this may well be the choice for you.

MYOB Accounting

MYOB accounting is the next step up from BusinessBasics and FirstEdge. This software caters for pretty much everything a small business needs. Its updated features include the inventory function (allowing manufactures, retailers and wholesalers to jump aboard), more advanced reporting, access to M-Powered services (electronic payments) and links to Microsoft Word and Excel.

MYOB Accounting Plus

MYOB Accounting Plus has everything that MYOB Accounting has, but also includes the Payroll and Time Billing features. Having access to the payroll feature is worthwhile for business with 5 or more employees, simply because it saves so much time. The Time Billing feature allows you to keep track of time taken to complete jobs and activities, including monitoring costs and charges so you can accurately invoice your customers and ensure you get paid properly for your time.

MYOB Premier and MYOB AccountEdge

MYOB Premier (PC) and AccountEdge (Mac) include all the features you see in BusinessBasics, FirstEdge, Accounting and AccountingPlus but with one big difference - they are multi-user, meaning that more than one person can log onto Premier or AccountEdge at the same time, allowing employees to work concurrently on the accounts. The inventory features within Premier and FirstEdge are more advanced, allowing for multiple pricing and pictures of stock items. They also include multi-currency reporting making this choice ideal for importers and exporters.