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What is the right MYOB Course for me?

Decided you need to update your skills? Looking to enrol in a MYOB course? Before beginning your research, consider the following five elements to ensure you choose the MYOB courses that is right for you.

Element 1 - The “Cost” Factor

Prices usually play a large role in our decision making. Avoid automatically choosing a course because it has the cheapest price, you may come to realise that you only get what you pay for! But, do not go the other way and choose the course that is most expensive, assuming that if you’re paying top dollar you will receive top MYOB training. It is important to do a lot of research when it comes to cost - find out what is offered for the price.

Element 2 - The “Time” factor

It is vital that you consider the duration of the course during your research. Is taking three or four days out of your busy week really viable? Look for providers who are flexible, who may offer weekend or night courses as well as day courses, and who offer course hours that still allow you to pick up the kids from school! Also, try to avoid “learn-it-in-a-day” courses. These usually involve a lot of “cramming” and you will often find that you were unable to retain majority of the information, and frequently include “take home work”.

Element 3 - The “Content” Factor

Get the specifics on the content covered in the course. This will enable you to decide if the course will meet your needs. Compare course content between providers - this will also assist you to determine appropriate prices and duration. Also establish the teaching methods to ensure that they coincide with your preferred learning style.

Element 4 - The “Venue” Factor

Where possible, make an effort to go and view the venue where the course is conducted. It is important that you feel comfortable in order to get the most out of your MYOB training. Try to choose a venue with limited seats, ensuring that you gain maximum learning opportunity and have undemanding access to one-on-one assistance from the trainer.

Element 5 - The “Inclusions” Factor

Do you get a certificate upon completion? How about a manual, a test drives CD or any on-going support? Things that will be of use to you after the completion of the course are good inclusions. “Lunch provided on the day” will generally have been added to the course cost. A certificate is something you should make sure you receive without a doubt - this is the proof of the skill you have gained and your ticket to advancing in the workplace. Training manuals or on-going support ensure that you have somewhere to turn if you hit a MYOB snag in the future. MYOB test drive CD’s allow you to practice and revise what you have learnt at your own leisure.

Remember to assess your needs, research and compare providers and think about these five elements before deciding whether a MYOB course is right for you.