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MYOB Add-On’s

What do you do if none of the MYOB software packages really cover all the requirements of your business? Looking to customise your software program to meet your exact needs?

MYOB’s Ad-on packages could be the solution to your problems:

MYOB AssetManager Pro

This software package handles a variety of difficult and time consuming transactions including write-off’s, revaluations and asset pooling with simplicity and ease - leaving you with peace of mind! AssetManager Pro allows for plenty of room for recording and tracking your asset details including serial numbers, warranty information and service history (no more hunting around for misplaced paperwork!). AssetManger Pro’s key features, in addition to those mentioned above, include:

  • Tracking assets by location
  • Assigning assets to groups
  • Splitting assets into components
  • Saving images of your assets
  • Generating, assigning and printing of barcodes for each of your assets

AssetManager Pro is ideal for businesses who depreciate their assets and/or have assets in multiple locations.

MYOB RetailBasics

MYOB RetailBasics is simply a Point of Sale solution for Retail businesses. It provides you with accurate information about the performance of your business, including but not limited to:

  • What is selling (including when and in what volume)
  • Discounts and refunds issued
  • GST collected
  • Individual staff selling volumes

RetailBasics also allows you to keep track of customer lay by’s and of your stock items by allowing you to insert pictures and create barcodes.

MYOB RetailBasics is compatible with most POS hardware, including barcode scanners, cash drawers and docket printers.

MYOB RetailReady

MYOB RetailReady is a software/hardware package that includes:

  • MYOB RetailBasics software
  • An Electronic cash drawer
  • A USB Docket printer and
  • A USB Barcode scanner

This ready-combined package is ideal for those starting a new business or updating an old system - everything you need combined in one!

MYOB RetailManager

MYOB RetailManager is designed to take some of the pressure out of running a retail business. If you find yourself juggling stock management, customer service and sales, staff issues and more, MYOB RetailManager may be the solution for you. By taking into account many retail businesses key procedures, RetailManager makes it simple to:

  • Process sales, including lay bys and accounts
  • Manage stock
  • Recognize where the money is coming in
  • Manage pricing
  • Calculate your GST

This software also handles discounts, vouchers, returns and credit notes. You can record sales using multiple payment types (i.e. taking part payment in cash and the remainder on Eftpos). As well as being able to print barcodes for your stock items, you can print barcodes for your customers - allowing you to create membership cards. Having a Sale or Promotion? Simply enter your start and end dates and RetailManager will adjust sale pricing automatically.

For a complete retail resolution - you can’t go past MYOB RetailManager.

MYOB RetailHospitality

MYOB RetailHospitality is designed specifically for restaurants, cafes, bars and other food outlets. It is an easy application that works with MYOB RetailManager’s business reporting tools. RetailHospitality’s many features include:

  • Touch screen Interface
  • Fast and efficient sales processing
  • Ability to track and view orders, track table numbers and even transfer and merge tables
  • Multiple docket printing, allowing orders to be sent directly to the kitchen
  • Grouping of products into categories, for easy identification
  • Ability to customise color schemes and include photos
  • Adjustable security measures for different staff members

MYOB PowerPay

MYOB PowerPay is generally used as a stand-alone payroll product, assisting in the preparation and processing of payroll as well as the tracking and calculation PAYG tax, payroll tax, superannuation and other employee entitlements. MYOB PowerPay is ideally suited for large organizations with high staffing levels.