New Year’s resolution –“To learn MYOB”

I know that we all make New Year’s resolutions and then break them, but this year I think that there is one that you should not break and that is “to get some MYOB training”.

Whether you are running your own business, thinking of starting one up or just looking to upgrade your workforce skills, a MYOB training course is a must for this year.

With the Global Financial Crisis still snapping at our heels, we as a workforce cannot afford to sit idly by and just wait to see if disaster hits us.  We need to take a stand and make ourselves valuable employees and business owners now and for the future.

Why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your resume in these harder times with a certificate or two purporting your MYOB skills?

Just take a look at the employment pages and see that employers are demanding people with excellent MYOB skills.  We at EXECaid Training can help make this happen for you and you will reap the benefits of your MYOB training over and over again.

Now let’s not forget our small business owners who are time poor and cash strapped. As a small business owner myself, I know the demands made on you on a daily basis.  Imagine being able to cut the costs of your accountant and yet still be assured that you are providing accurate and up to date information regarding your business when required.  How would you like your weekends back? MYOB training can cut the time taken by you to record all your business transactions safely, securely and accurately.  If you use a contract bookkeeper to do the data entry into your MYOB, wouldn’t you like the security that comes with understanding how MYOB works? EXECaid training can provide this peace of mind for you with our MYOB courses.

Return to work Mums, this is the perfect opportunity for you. With all the job sharing and part time work available for those with MYOB skills you need to get onto your MYOB training now and make it happen with the help of EXECaid Training.

For those of you interested in contract bookkeeping, you will of course need MYOB training to the highest level.  Contract bookkeeping is one of the best ways to get started in your own business with hours to suit yourself, and the financial rewards can be great!

MYOB training in Melbourne can help do all this for you and more….

So remember your New Year’s Resolution “To Learn MYOB” and book a course today!

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