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New Year’s resolution –“To learn MYOB”

I know that we all make New Year’s resolutions and then break them, but this year I think that there is one that you should not break and that is “to get some MYOB training”.

Whether you are running your own business, thinking of starting one up or just looking to upgrade your workforce skills, a MYOB training course is a must for this year.

With the Global Financial Crisis still snapping at our heels, we as a workforce cannot afford to sit idly by and just wait to see if disaster hits us.  We need to take a stand and make ourselves valuable employees and business owners now and for the future.

Why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your resume in these harder times with a certificate or two purporting your MYOB skills?

Just take a look at the employment pages and see that employers are demanding people with excellent MYOB skills.  We at EXECaid Training can help make this happen for you and you will reap the benefits of your MYOB training over and over again.

Now let’s not forget our small business owners who are time poor and cash strapped. As a small business owner myself, I know the demands made on you on a daily basis.  Imagine being able to cut the costs of your accountant and yet still be assured that you are providing accurate and up to date information regarding your business when required.  How would you like your weekends back? MYOB training can cut the time taken by you to record all your business transactions safely, securely and accurately.  If you use a contract bookkeeper to do the data entry into your MYOB, wouldn’t you like the security that comes with understanding how MYOB works? EXECaid training can provide this peace of mind for you with our MYOB courses.

Return to work Mums, this is the perfect opportunity for you. With all the job sharing and part time work available for those with MYOB skills you need to get onto your MYOB training now and make it happen with the help of EXECaid Training.

For those of you interested in contract bookkeeping, you will of course need MYOB training to the highest level.  Contract bookkeeping is one of the best ways to get started in your own business with hours to suit yourself, and the financial rewards can be great!

MYOB training in Melbourne can help do all this for you and more….

So remember your New Year’s Resolution “To Learn MYOB” and book a course today!

MYOB Training – Classroom Vs Workplace

Looking for MYOB training? It can be difficult to decide where to start and what style of training best caters for your needs. Finding the right course requires thorough research and assessment of your specific requirements and the outcome you wish to achieve from your training.

MYOB courses that are classroom based usually offer general training within MYOB software, covering only the basic fundamentals. These types of training courses are best suited to individuals who are looking to update their skills, such as return to work mums or those who are looking to enhance their abilities and advance in the workplace. Classroom based training offers the advantage of covering all aspects of the MYOB software, from processing sales and bills to setting up and using inventory rather than concentrating on one specific feature, allowing for an extensive range of knowledge. Completion of an MYOB training course is sure to enhance your employability and provide lifetime skills that will be an asset to potential employers.

Workplace training is when a qualified professional comes to you and trains within the workplace. For those already employed or running their own business, MYOB workplace training would, in most cases, prove to be beneficial. In these circumstances, your own company or the company you work for will generally have their MYOB procedures and systems in place, so your training would need to be tailored to suit these. You will also find that employees and business owners usually only require training within one or two areas of the MYOB software, so taking days off work to attend a training course covering  all aspects of the software in a basic, general and need-to-know session could be potentially time wasting and not at all beneficial. For those starting a new business, workplace training is useful to ensure your company is set up correctly within MYOB and further training can again be personalized to meet your businesses requirements. Workplace training may also be a cheaper solution for those who may only require a few hours of training, and holds the advantage of having a qualified professional who knows your system always there to help if you meet an MYOB snag at any time.

Overall, training in MYOB software is highly beneficial, whether in a classroom situation or within the workplace, to you as an individual and can provide employers with skilled job applicants and ensure that business owners are achieving the most efficient and effective results from their MYOB software. Remember to assess your needs, visualize the position you want to find yourself in upon completion of your training and research your options, narrowing them down until you have found the solution that will best suit your specific situation.

MYOB Training – Classroom vs Online

What a decision! How do you choose whether to enter the classroom physically or spiritually?

Some of us have not been to class of any kind since we left school behind those many moons ago. It can be a daunting experience heading back into the classroom for some and for some it’s just a matter of time constraint.

Ok, so down to the pros and cons!

MYOB classroom training is usually accessed by adults wanting further education and therefore there should be none of that old feeling of teacher/student hierarchy.  MYOB Instructors are just that, instructors or trainers, and it is their job to get you through the course without making you feel that you are back in that old style school where you were not an equal.  Trainees, as we call our students, are seen as people looking to further their education and therefore want to be learning.  This always makes everyone’s job easier.

MYOB training in a classroom atmosphere can be extremely rewarding and fun. You have others that you can share the experience with, learn about more than just MYOB, network with others in diverse business situations, and hear different scenarios from the other trainees on their business practices.  All of these things are extremely educational for your own business and all you had to do was attend a MYOB classroom training session.

MYOB classroom training is usually done in day blocks over a short period of time, for example 2 full days or 4 nights. So if time is of the essence, this should be one of your considerations.

Now, to MYOB Online training.

Online training can be a cheaper experience than classroom training, but not always so. There are no rooms, computers or trainers to be paid for and therefore the costs to the Training Company should be minimal.  So do your research before you commit to either scenario.

You can work at your own pace with online MYOB training, (which is fine if you are not like me and leave everything until the final deadline!) and at your own time to complete your course. So if you are a night owl there is no problem with accessing training at 2 o’clock in the morning although there could be problems accessing help at that time.

Work is submitted and assessed usually through an online portal, where you can also chat to others on the forum if help is needed. Getting visual/written help should be one of the keys to look for when you are assessing what type of course would suit yourself.

You do study with some anonymity which for some people is a bonus and others it’s a pitfall.

In summary, I suppose it all comes down to the trainee; give me 2 years to finish a course and no supervision and that’s how long I will take, or put me in a classroom and give me a timeframe and I’ll get the job done.

why should business owners understand MYOB?

In the very busy world of running your own business it seems that you are now also expected to be the bookkeeper as well.  Sometimes we have no choice especially when we first start out, but a wise man once said “In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins:  cash and experience.  Take the experience first; the cash will come later.  ~Harold Geneen”.

With this in mind, why would you choose not to at least understand MYOB, or any other software package you choose to keep track of your business financials? As a small business owner myself, with a young family, I understand the pressures of just getting through the day to day work load without having to extend myself to extra training. I had to learn to use the computer, the internet, email, so having to learn the MYOB software was just daunting. But I have seen the need, done the MYOB training, and am reaping the rewards through being able to see the trees before the forest.

Why start a business in the first place?

I could have quite easily gone out to work for someone else and at the end of the day, left my troubles behind and headed home with money in my pocket.

I wanted the challenge and I had something I knew I could sell. Is that enough though? No, all business owners need to take responsibility for their business and there are so many responsibilities that we need to undertake.  Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Taxation, GST, Government Legislation, Work cover, Licenses, Equipment, Leases, Loans and the list goes on.

Having said that, why do we always seem to leave the financials of running a business to last? It’s really the most important part and getting to understand the financial side should be a first priority.  So many people say to me I have an accountant to do that stuff, but they only see him once a year if lucky, or they have a bookkeeper to do all the data entry and trust that that person is doing the right thing. I have had clients over the years (who because they didn’t know how to use their own software) have lost their businesses due to misappropriated funds by the bookkeeper. Not that I am saying all bookkeepers are dodgy, by all means they can be a massive asset to the business, it’s just that you as the owner are taking the risk and therefore should be educated.

I say get some MYOB training, even if it’s just the basic understanding of being able to read the reports generated by the software. You will find that the time spent in learning your MYOB software will repay you many times over and your business will benefit from your training and skills.

Which MYOB for me?

MYOB is a software program created for the purpose of business management. It is various features allow for the management of company accounts, purchases and sales, the monitoring of debtors, creditors and inventory, payroll and the fulfillment of BAS and GST obligations.

But which software package will work best for you?

MYOB BusinessBasics & FirstEdge

Very basic accounting systems, both BusinessBasics (PC) and FirstEdge (Mac) are ideally suited for small service businesses with no employees. These software packages have limited features, but are very simple and easy to use. If all you need to do is invoice your customers, enter your bills and reconcile the bank then this may well be the choice for you.

MYOB Accounting

MYOB accounting is the next step up from BusinessBasics and FirstEdge. This software caters for pretty much everything a small business needs. Its updated features include the inventory function (allowing manufactures, retailers and wholesalers to jump aboard), more advanced reporting, access to M-Powered services (electronic payments) and links to Microsoft Word and Excel.

MYOB Accounting Plus

MYOB Accounting Plus has everything that MYOB Accounting has, but also includes the Payroll and Time Billing features. Having access to the payroll feature is worthwhile for business with 5 or more employees, simply because it saves so much time. The Time Billing feature allows you to keep track of time taken to complete jobs and activities, including monitoring costs and charges so you can accurately invoice your customers and ensure you get paid properly for your time.

MYOB Premier and MYOB AccountEdge

MYOB Premier (PC) and AccountEdge (Mac) include all the features you see in BusinessBasics, FirstEdge, Accounting and AccountingPlus but with one big difference - they are multi-user, meaning that more than one person can log onto Premier or AccountEdge at the same time, allowing employees to work concurrently on the accounts. The inventory features within Premier and FirstEdge are more advanced, allowing for multiple pricing and pictures of stock items. They also include multi-currency reporting making this choice ideal for importers and exporters.