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Why would anyone want a personalised MYOB manual?

In the business world we quite often find that when a staff member decides to move on, management uses the skills of the person leaving to train the new member on arrival.  This training is usually provided over a very short time period as management do not want to have to pay two people to do the same job.

The person leaving may write a list of the jobs that they perform on a daily basis and give instruction whilst still performing their duties, but more often than not, they forget things that they ordinarily do on a daily basis because in general we perform them without having to think.  This can cause problems when the new member takes over and then is left floundering due to lack of information and instruction on how the company performs these tasks.

As a MYOB certified consultant I quite often find when called in to assess or train in a MYOB problem area that the person doing the job does it a certain way because that is the way the person before did it.  This may not necessarily be the most effective method due to initial person’s lack of understanding of MYOB or the loss of information on processes as it is passed from one staff member to another.

And what of the problem of a key staff member just up and leaving?

In this case there is no training for the new staff member, no written instructions and nowhere to turn.  Management may have a limited knowledge of where things are kept and in what order they should be done, but in general have left the day to day data entry into their MYOB software to the person who has just left.

This is not the time to think about the fact that you should have had a MYOB manual written for your very own situation. Personalised MYOB manuals with easy to follow step by step instructions and screen shots must be an invaluable asset to the company.  Imagine not being held to ransom by the staff member who is leaving and then stressing over whether or not the new person has the skills to keep the company flowing.

Time and again we see company management leaving these sorts of problems until too late.  This then makes the problem worse and more costly to rectify. I know of company management that upon getting reports that do not make sense to them asking the staff member who is putting in the data “why” and the standard reply is “I don’t know why, the machine says so”.

Imagine getting to the end of financial year and finding that all the data processed was really quite worthless to the accountant and needs to be done again and that with some simple instruction to follow all this could have been avoided.

With a personalised company MYOB manual all staff would be able to continue on without interruption and keep the continuity and stability of the accounting system that is already in place.